“The true secret to a happy marriage” by Amrita Chandradas

Laugh a lot, and when you’re older, all your wrinkles will be in the right places.

2013-09-16 16.27.20

Thank you Amrita Chandradas for sending in this lovely photograph of her parents on their wedding day 34 years ago at Perumal Temple in Singapore on the 23rd of March 1980. 

“The true secret to a happy marriage” by Amrita Chandradas

A friend of mine once commented, “You know what’s so beautiful about your parents?”

“What is that?” I asked. He replied, ” Your mother still laughs at your dad’s jokes, even though he’s repeated the same ones over all these years”.  As comedian Rita Rudner once commented, one of the biggest joys of marriage is to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.

It made me realize that the secret to a happy marriage is more than giving love, but sharing laughter that has proven to keep their relationship very much alive. Trials and tribulations come and go, but their sense of humour has punctuated every aspect of their marriage.

I found this photograph when I was rummaging through some old photographs on my last trip back to Singapore. My parents were married 34 years ago at Perumal Temple in Singapore on the 23rd of March 1980. This picture was taken during the traditional post-wedding lunch where the bride would share her food with the groom, a symbolic gesture which carries the hope that the couple will always walk together and by each other’s side to pull the plough of life. In Hindu weddings, rice symbolizes good fortune and abundance in terms of material and spiritual wealth. This photograph captures a fleeting moment between the newly weds where my father jokingly complained about the small portions he was fed with. He remarked, “Does this mean that you are going to only feed me a mere mouthful at every meal for the rest of our lives?” 

Till today, this affectionate banter is not spared. Happy wedding anniversary my dear Mum and Dad, I am truly blessed!

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Chandradas, and also to Amrita’s recent success at the Photography Show 2014 in Birmingham. Her photo documentary project, “6.9” won the “People’s choice award” after being selected by the very prestigious Magnum Photos “30 Under 30”, a competition identifying some of the world’s best emerging documentary photographers. Read about Amrita’s documentary here. 

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