Rose-tinted views of the tattooed

15 THE TATTOOED POST RUNNER -- More ART & ARTIFICE from the World of Old Japanese Tattoos

Photography before the invention of colour photography truly brought out the best of human ingenuity and creativity. The hand-coloured photograph of the late nineteenth century is a phenomenon that was born out of the a moment in history never to be replicated again. Capturing an era pre-dating colour printing and colour photography, and also straddled between two photographic inventions; the daguerrotype (Louis Daguerre, 1839) and the brownie camera (Eastman Kodak, 1900) at the turn of the century.

Less than a century divided these two inventions and in just over sixty years, the camera became a household must-have. Mass demands, cheaper materials (and lower quality products) allowed for its production for mass consumption.

Thankfully, somethings in our world cannot be duplicated and reproduced.

A series of coloured glass negatives of Japanese men with Irezumi and the artist’s or retouchers attempt to accentuate and exaggerate the colour and form of the tattoos with paint. What a convenient and clever way of planning out a full back piece!

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