6.9 million is the magic number predicted to be the total population of Singapore in the year 2030.

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6.9, very simply addresses the impact of growing population in Singapore on forgotten segment of society ‘left behind’ by globalisation and rapid urbanization. Whether it is by choice or circumstance, some Singaporeans struggle with poverty or chose to live frugally, an image dissonant with global media’s portrayal of this island city-state. (See BBC’s selection)

‘6.9’ is a photo-documentary of the lives of Singapore’s forgotten citizens. Amrita juxtaposes sleek images depicting views of Singapore’s skycrapers with portraits taken of the humble yet resilient residents of Kampung Buangkok – Singapore’s last village. A print compilation features a publication of several photo documentaries and interviews with undertakers, cemetery guardians, construction workers and residents of Singapore’s last kampung. Click here for details of the show.

Amrita recently graduated from London College of Communications with an MA in photojournalism. Photographs of her graduation exhibition. Even the portraits appear to be too close for comfort within the parameters of the map of Singapore.

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6.9 by Amrita Chandradas

Amrita is a London based photojournalist, she can be contacted here

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